The modern way of sample-development

All this features will help to reduce time , efforts and money you invest in development process and enable you to be in market first.

How It works

Step 1. Send us more informations

Send email to us ( the basic information such as style design / digital to physical material i.e. Fabric / Accessories / Trims / Print / EMB etc. details to create a 3D design.

Step 2. Let us do the work

Our intelligent 3D tech. team will create 3D sample based on style design and other technical information provided by client and also will check the 3D fitting using most suitable digital mannequin

Step 3. Review for approval

Once the 3D design completed, we will send you your 3D sample for review and approval. Our team will adjust based on your requirements.

Step 4. Finals

3D sample will be displayed on your portal along with other information such as price, minimum and other relevant information.