About Us

About Us

Leveristudio was founded in 2019 by its parent company Leverstyle. Based in Hong Kong, we nevertheless cater to clientele around the globe, delivering a platform that allows you to effortlessly customize any and all aspects of your garments, from material types to material processing techniques, and combining all of these features to produce an unique piece of clothing specifically tailored to your specifications and tastes.

 We take bulk orders, and our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is very low, so when you want to order from us, you can order precisely what you need – no more overpaying for garments when you need to order in bulk, and no more wasting valuable resources and storage space dealing with overstock because you were forced to order more than you need.

 In this regard, Leveristudio makes the production part of apparel production and retail extremely easy, so you can afford to focus on the other aspects of your business. If you want a supplier that prioritizes its customers above all else, then look no further; you’ll be as happy to do business with us as we are happy to do business with you.


Our Mission

We at Leveristudio understand that merely producing a product is not enough; producing low cost, high quality products as quickly as possible is what truly matters and skimping out on any of these variables is simply unacceptable. Our production techniques have allowed us to massively reduce our lead time while still retaining our high quality standards and low costs, so you can be rest assured that we will duly deliver your products to you in a timely manner and allow you to stay ahead of the fierce and competitive market of contemporary times.

By using our free 3D sampling service, we can ensure that we are producing your designs precisely in the manner that you intended them to be without wasting time, materials, and revenue making physical mockup, and in doing so we can also expedite the pre-production planning phrase. Moreover, our in-house production team are masters of the craft and our production methods are second to none. All this comes together to mean that at the end of the day, you’ll be able to get your final product out the door in record time and get a much-needed edge over your competitors.


Our Vision

Through judicious use of our cutting-edge technology and professional production techniques, we strive to be your one-stop be-all-end-all destination to quality apparel manufacturing, while still catering to any and all needs and demands that you might have. Because remember, “we make what you sell, not sell what you make.”