We are looking for people with initiative, those who want to make a difference, and aspire to change how clothes are made. We foster an intimate environment for our people to speak their minds, to enjoy a challenge, and to develop and exceed their full potential.

Our Values

At Lever Style, we live and work by our values:

We respect all regardless of rank and circumstance. > 

We show others the same courtesy and dignity even if we never need anything from them
We admit our mistakes and acknowledge our own shortcomings
We respect others' time.

We listen and let our results speak for ourselves. >

We are open to contrary opinions and suggestions.
We don't brag about our accomplishments and capabilities.
We don't talk like we know it best.

We don't say no as an answer. >

We set seemingly impossible goals.
We embrace tough challenges.
We innovate and figure out creative solutions.

We care like it's ours. >

We cherish shared resources.
We drive ourselves like we own the business.
We take accountability for our responsibilities.

We would rather lose than undermine your best interest. >

We make all decisions to build long-term partnerships.
We don’t take what’s not ours.
We share good news and bad, for your benefit.

We are Jason Kidd and not Kobe Bryant. >

We help you look good.
We seek team wins and not individual glory.
We anticipate your needs and fulfill them before ours.

Our Home

Our headquarters in Shenzhen, China, is a two-storey loft structure that embodies the company’s open culture and modern sensibility.