Lever Style Chairman Stanley Szeto spoke about the trade war at the Tech(Life)Style conference, part of the StartmeupHK festival in Hong Kong.

January 2019

At the Tech(Life)Style Conference in Hong Kong, Lever Style Executive Chairman Stanley Szeto reiterated his view that the trade war is not actually about trade, but is instead a chess move in a grand geopolitical rivalry.

Some political analysts believe that economic pain already brought on by tariffs inflicted on both countries will encourage both Presidents to strike a trade deal before the March 1 deadline. While that would be welcomed by the business community, Stanley believes that a trade deal won’t ease the wider strategic rivalry. As such, Stanley fears that trade tensions can flare up again anytime, and the US government will continue to push US firms (and other countries) to reduce their reliance on Chinese supply chains and technology.

Putting politics aside, Stanley advised every business operator to at the very least explore shifting their US-destined supply chain out of China. Click here for Stanley’s post-speech interview, where he talked about digitalizing the supply chain.