Lever Style an exemplary model for social compliance, according to Gap Inc.

June 2008

Gap Inc. declared in an official statement that Lever Style's social compliance standard is a "model for others to follow." Gap also noted that Lever Style is accredited by SA8000, "a premier set of global labor standards."

Gap was responding to a report by human rights activist group China Labor Watch ("CLW"), which classified Lever Style as a “Class A factory” and cited its "working conditions are much more advanced" when compared to other Chinese apparel companies.

CLW is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving labor conditions by investigating and publicizing human rights violations and indecent labor conditions.

CLW's April 2008 report revealed findings from its detailed investigation on Lever Style's employment contract terms, wages and overtime pay, canteen and living conditions, and even availability of workplace safety supplies. This investigation was conducted without Lever Style's permission or even knowledge.

The investigation failed to uncover any unlawful labor practices at Lever Style, and the report's complimentary commentary stands in stark contrast to the generally critical language in other CLW reports.