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We offer a wide range of apparel products to meet your needs.

We can produce all manner of woven, knits and denim products for men, women and kids. Our capabilities range from classic to contemporary styles that may feature intricate designs and innovative value-added processes in a full range of fabrics.

Your Order in 6 Steps


Can you design for me?

Yes, we can create designs for you, or support the development process for your designs. We have our finger on the pulse of fashion, with market intelligence and dedicated design and product development resources to help bring your vision to life. Whether you need us to design styles, create print and pattern designs, source materials, or execute technical packs, our team of design and development specialist are here to help.


  1. Full Design Support -- Our in-house designers will work closely with your team to understand your creative needs and the vision of your brand. We encourage you to visit our virtual studio on this platform and see how you can utilize our resources, including our ever-growing digital fabric library and digital apparel solutions.
  2. Product Development -- Our product development team can bring your ideas to life by assisting you with all the stages of the development process. Starting from your designs we can support you with material sourcing, 3D, or physical sampling and cost engineering solutions. Our product developers and technicians can help support you through the entire development process.
  3. Our Collection -- We also develop a seasonal and trend-right collection of styles that you can ‘shop’ and purchase.

Do you offer sustainable products?

Yes, using sustainable materials is a high priority at Lever Style, and we are continually building upon our commitment to help ensure the apparel industry is on a path to a lower-carbon future. To support this priority, we offer a range of sustainable fabrics, trims, and packaging. We also work with many material suppliers that have certifications, such as BCI, GOTS, GRS, and OEKO-TEX, and many of our manufacturing partners produce in facilities approved in a wide range of sustainable and social programs.

Can you execute samples?

Yes, we have the capability to make samples for our clients in any product category we produce. We offer one round of physical samples free of charge before we start bulk production, and can develop additional for a fee. If you’re looking to save time and cost, we now offer 3D digital/virtual samples to our clients. This tool helps to reduce your resources and speed up the design process and fit approval timeline.

How long does it take for sampling?

If you plan to use our 3D digital/virtual sample service, samples can be completed within a couple days.

For physical samples, the exact timing depends on the type of product being sampled. Generally, timing ranges from 14 to 30 days after materials are received in our Technical Development Center.

What is the sample cost?

Sample fees depend on the product and number of samples needed. Typical per sample charges are in the range of 3xs the FOB cost if materials are bought and shipped by Lever Style. Please reach out for more details with regards to how you might be able to reduce sampling fees.


What fabrics do you offer?

Our fabric and trim sourcing fully supports all categories we develop and produce for our clients. We source internationally throughout Europe and Asia, covering premium luxury fabrics, as well as basics and cost aggressive qualities.

Our relationships with our supply partners allow us to offer competitive pricing, flexible minimums, and quick lead times. Additionally, many of our customers take advantage of our NOS (never out of stock) program which is available in a variety of popular seasonal and basic qualities.

What is the lead time for production?

Material Production Lead Time:

  • Our stock available qualities lead times are about 15 days.
  • Made to Order qualities range from 35 to 90 days, depending on the quality.

Garment Production Lead Time:

  • Between 40-60 days depending on the product.


For more information regarding lead times please reach out.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our company model was built to help support maximum flexibility in terms of order minimums.

Our base minimums start at 700 units per style, but we can support much lower MOQs for an upcharge, and we offer a plethora of other solutions to meet our customer’s order size needs.

Do you test the garments before producing?

Yes, we have full fabric and garment testing capability. We work with each client individually to create a testing process that covers their specific needs.

What is the quality level of your product?

Our quality control teams inspect all orders we produce from the material stage through to packing and shipping. We have over 60 years of experience working with premium labels from all over the world. We work with each client to understand the quality components important to their brand and create a quality control process that meets those requirements.


What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are assessed on an individual bases and are determinant upon brand size, years in service, and financial standing. Typically, for smaller, younger brands, a 50% deposit is required before materials are purchased with the balance due upon production completion, before the goods are shipped.

What shipping terms do you offer?

We offer a variety of shipment term solutions to support your business, including options such as: x-factory, FOB, LDP and DDP.

We have an abundance of fabrics to choose from which you can browse via our new digital library!

Visit our website to learn more about Lever Style!

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